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That’s Odd

Monday, April 6th, 2009

Honey, I really love you, but I think you just ran in to the house with our car.

Everything ok out there?

Update: everything is fine, though house and car did indeed collide. Swell!

Update 2: we had a good laugh about the new scrape on the car and then we danced in the kitchen to Come On Eileen.

A good day!

Fingers: A Satisfying Meal

Monday, April 6th, 2009

Walking around the house on a sunny Sunday afternoon, surveying the mess, picking up, planning to make new messes, thoroughly distracted.

I look down to check in with Zella, all snuggled in the carrier in hopes of keeping the cranks at bay.

She had found her fingers and lulled herself into a happy sleep. So incredibly sweet that I just had to get the camera and try to capture it from my vantage point.

And from the front:

Dinner is Served

Monday, April 6th, 2009

I never stack them up like this but I have to say, this was supremely satisfying.

I wrote this the other day and for whatever reason (pancake gods are out to get me?) it posted to my about page. Odd. And also hard to find. Here it is in all its cakey, syrupy, stacked up glory.


How Nice

Monday, March 16th, 2009

I just spent an hour and half with my husband.

Alone (with zella sleeping).

In the car.

In traffic that barely moved.

And it was wonderful!

How often do you get stuck in traffic and actually enjoy the experience? If you’re like me, i.e. a normal human being with things to do and places to go, not often. But I have to say, it was excellent to be stuck in a car with loved ones and not have to be anywhere, not have the phone ringing, not have the internet to distract us, not have dishes to do, etc.

It was just what we needed.

And thank god it’s over because the snack bag was running dangerously low.

A Little Break

Friday, March 13th, 2009

Oh Hi.

Are you still there? If you’re anyone but my mom, I’m both surprised to see you and really glad. I guess it goes without saying that I needed to take a little break after Zella was born. Not only have I not found the time to write on most days, but on the rare days when I have, I just haven’t feel like it. Too tired, too irritated, too blown away at how much my life changed with the addition of a second child.

And really, my tendancy to internalize that kind of stuff doesn’t really mesh with the whole public blog thing. So I withdrew. I haven’t even been reading other blogs, a previous beloved pasttime. And that is why if you hear from me lately I’m waay behind in what’s been happening. Sorry about that. I still love you.

And to show you how much, here’s some more of why you really come around here. Cute elfins.

Zella in a rare still moment.

Dash, as always, ready for a picture.

So there you have it- a dispatch from the little pink house. I’m breaking out of my funk (spring is helping, come on spring!) so I’ll be back around. Just a little at a time, I think.

Have a great weekend! Get out and do something fun. Sledding? Yes, I think that’s on the menu for us too.

Oh and for a bit of sunshine, head over to The Bright Side where my friend Cassie is the featured designer of the day. Congratulations, Cassie.