My name is Tonya and I write HappyDash.

Dash is Dashiell, my delightful, gorgeous, brilliant, funny, blond baby. Did I mention happy? Because he’s absurdly happy. Pretty much all the time. He’s the inspiration for this blog and a whole lot of other things in my life.

I used to live in Brooklyn, living the life of a young, single, broke girl. Now I live in Maine, living the life of a youngish, married, slightly-less broke girl. I used to work in book publishing and live in an over-priced apartment with an excellent roommate and two cats. Now I stay at home in my pink house with a white picket fence in the suburbs (sold that house, looking for a new one!) with a husband, a baby, three cats, and a dog. And I never saw it coming.

Here’s how I’ve been described by people I love: Sassy, sassafrassee, and like a tab of acid in the bottom of a glass of champagne. I think that just might be the ultimate compliment.

Additional facts that may or may not endear me to you:

I make delicious scones. I caused the blackout of 2003 by quitting my job and moving to Maine.* I am not actually 5’6″, contrary to what my driver’s license says. I’ve been searching for the perfect moisturizer for going on eight years now and if you know what it is, please tell me. I am still coming to terms with the fact that I live in the suburbs, don’t have a job, and do have two kids. Though I used to copyedit and proofread for a living, I love to butcher the language every chance I get. You’ll see.

*Ok, I might not have caused it single-handedly, but I did show up to my leaving-the-company-moving-out-of-state-holy-crap-is-this-the-right-choice?-party and as soon as the champagne corks popped, the lights went out. And stayed out. For quite some time, as some of you will remember. I couldn’t have planned it better myself.

Want to write me? happydash at gmail dot com.

UPDATE: Visit my Vintage Goods shop at The HappyDashery!