But I slowed down.

So yesterday, as Cassie and I are cruising down 295 to the Bead store, talking talking talking, I see this little gray blur down by my feet. I look down and very quickly raise my eyes back up.

And it takes a full 3-5 seconds for it to sink in.

There’s a tiny mouse sitting by my foot. The foot that is currently working the gas pedal which is keeping the car at about 70 mph. On a busy highway.

I wouldn’t say I went into full shock. I recall conciously thinking that I should remain calm as I am in control of a speeding car, but if that mouse should touch my foot, I might lose it. I believe my exact words were, “There’s a mouse by my foot. There’s a mouse by my foot.”

Thank God it was Cassie in the car with me. She’s the only one I know who could calmly reach down, pick up the little mouselette with a scrap of paper, ask me to slow down, and toss it from the car. Thank you God. Or Cassie, as the case may be.

I called Neil to let him know that Cassie saved the day, but we might have a nest in our car, and he pauses and says, “You didn’t even pull over before throwing him out?”


So for no reason other than that I promised you pictures, here you go.

Dash and Jessica at the beach
Dashiell and Jessica at the beach last week. Can you stand the cuteness?

Cassie and Dash
Cassie with Dash.

Taken with my laptop camera. This is the best of the few that we took and that ain’t sayin’ much. What’s happening with my hair?

8 Responses to “But I slowed down.”

  1. Clementine Cassie Says:

    Well, before I saw the mouse, you said “Oh my God” in a way that lead me to believe you had either just lost a tooth or found Jesus. It was hard to tell which. Maybe found a Jesus tooth?

    And btw, your hair looks awesome so shutup. Not as cute as Dash, but still good.

  2. neil Says:

    So did or did not the mouse end up in the grass? That’s what I want (don’t want) to know!

  3. HappyDash Says:

    Of course he did, Dear. He bounced lightly into the lush green grass on the side of the highway. Dazed for just a moment, he then scampered off into the woods to find his destiny.

  4. Elaine Says:

    That little grey wonder at your feet (They are really so cute.)has probably already found his Destiny Darling and they’re off making they’re own version of Happy Dashes as we speak.

  5. Meme Says:

    Must have been a typo. For a minute I thought you wrote 70 mph…..with your son in the backseat.

  6. HappyDash Says:

    Oh right. Yeah, um, I meant 7 mph. Yeah, 7.

  7. Robyn Says:

    I love that all the ads on your site today are now for “pedal pumping” and “left foot accelerators.”

  8. HappyDash Says:

    What about pedal pushers?
    But seriously, I’m just glad they’re not ads for “101 ways to kill a mouse” or “Got a mouse nest in your car? You filthy, filthy bastard.”