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HappyDashery and General Store Holiday Sale

Sunday, November 28th, 2010

And how was your Thanksgiving? Mine was full of family, food (lots and lots of food), old friends, kids (always), and not a lot of sleep. Oh well. It was tasty anyway.

And then just like that, we ushered in the holiday season. Thanksgiving and fall decor is tucked away and the house is well on its way to full-on Christmas. Love it.

You are in the mood for it, right? You’re with me? I hope so, but if not, please listen to this. This could not fail to convert you to the holiday spirit.

Listen to BandAid here.

Right? Did it work? I knew it! You’re welcome.

I’ve been channeling all this holiday spirit into updating the shops and prepping items for Cyber Monday and the following hectic shopping days. I’ve decided to offer free shopping on everything in The General Store. That’s free. Shipping. On. Everything.

And over at Happydashery, you’ll find lots of new items, lots of good prices, and free shipping on all books and holiday items! Hopefully that makes holiday shopping a little easier for you. I’m no big-box store, but I’m doing my part.

So happy holiday season to everyone! Hopefully I’ll be back soon with more from home, thrifting, kids, crafting, life, and stuff.