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Hooking, and Other Dangers of Shopping on Etsy

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

This is what it’s come to.
A simple inquiry by Neil’s grandmother about what I spent my birthday money on set me to thinking, “I’m pretty sure I just deposited that in the old checking account as any responsible young parent might do. But here she is reminding me that I should have something nice. I’m pretty sure she’s right. I’m nice. I deserve something nice. That money should not buy two jumbo packs of diapers or a metric ton of GoGo Squeeze.

Cut to a few days later where I’ve all but convinced myself I deserve some very nice things, and right away. Kids are in bed (score!), freelance project is waiting (i’ll get to you, just give me a minute to myself!), and I find myself on Etsy. I had seen a blog post somewhere about someone who upgraded from a jewelry box for her many many necklaces, to some delightful wall hooks, thereby putting said jewelry on display which is a) pretty, and b) a reminder to put on some jewelry you pretty thing!

It wasn’t much of a leap to, “Hey, maybe if I had hooks, I’d wear my four necklaces sometime too.” (I might have more than four, but not many more. I strive to have more. Listening Neil?)

So I find these simple vintage wall hooks and this eye-catching red number:

red horsie hooks from swift fox vintage

And it’s giving me something to think about. I haven’t put anything in the shopping bag yet because the search results for “wall hooks” in the Vintage category keeps coming up with these beautiful vintage hand-hooked rugs.

That’s right, the Other hookers.

And I can’t help myself, but I think I’ve found my new obsession.

blue house by zucchini flour vintage

girl by peaceable hill farm

dog and cat by luna park foundry

flower by ccaappp

Love love love these little gems. I want to own them pronto. But my question is this: do these vintage pieces fit in with modern decor? Where do they go? Wall? Floor? Bedroom? Bathroom?

Where would you put them? And which one should I buy with my birthday money first? I’m eager to support the hookers.