Mad Balls

The newest book of the month is brought to you by Cory Schnaible, age 8.

Book of the Month, Mad Balls

Originally printed in 1987, Mad Balls was an instant classic. Any book that you write as a child and is laminated by your parents is a keeper. I would pick an excerpt to share with you, but I couldn’t pick just one. You’ll see why. With Cory’s permission (right, cory?), I will reprint it in its entirety.

“Mad balls are MaD like skreeming mamy and skullface and fistface and BadGuy like wolfBrat SlimBall and [illegible] and sik ones like slim Brothor and fistface and wolf Brat and one [illegible] madBall. and his name is momy Mad ball and their #16 Madball and their some Madballs are siko dont you think so?
I do! I do! me to! me to! I do! I do! me to! me to! I do! I do!”

Brilliant, brilliant stuff.

3 Responses to “Mad Balls”

  1. jennifer anniston Says:

    I’ve always felt Schnibbles (as he was known during this period) was a much better writer than artist/illustrator. After reliving this masterpiece I have now come to realize that he was a triple threat, whether plying his trade through words, images, or jiggling his young man boobs while crying into his pillow wondering why no one else wanted to eat Steak-ums that Wednesday night.

  2. Robyn Says:

    whoever wrote that book- I wanna marry him.

  3. HappyDash Says:

    Bad news. He’s taken.