Why Hello, Dusty Old Blog

Didn’t I just promise to be better? I did, didn’t I? Arrgh, I’m trying.

Actually, inspired by my favorite exhibit at the Common Ground Fair this past weeekend, make that, “Arrrr, I’m trying.”

Pirates love the fair

Who knew pirates love the fair? You all have seen that episode of Wife Swap, right? I can’t believe I just uttered that phrase, but anyway. The episode with the modern day pirate family? Well, it’s one thing on TV, but another thing to see them just a few feet in front of me in a classic, “Land Ahoy!” pose. Brilliant.

2 Responses to “Why Hello, Dusty Old Blog”

  1. Robyn Says:

    Thank you for this. I was unaware that pirates carried man-purses.

  2. HappyDash Says:

    There is much to be learned from pirates, Robyn. Good fashion is not one of those things.