A Little Inspiration

It’s inevitable. There’s going to come a day as a blogger when you just don’t feel inspired to write. Call it a funk. Call it writer’s block. Call it I-can’t-believe-it’s-80-degrees-in-October-I’m-off-to-the-beach. Any way you slice it, you need to post something and you need to do it now.

Enter the photo journal. Pictures that inspire you in some way and will inspire the internets to check them out and to keep coming back. In my case, they’re usually pictures of Dash. He’s cute, what can I say. But today, no Dash pics. What’s inspiring me today are pictures of recent items added to the HappyDashery.

Check ’em out:

Little Mechanic

brunswick bowling pin


Swedish Platter

So there you have it. A little tip for you and some fun pictures to boot! See you all later. I’m off to the beach!

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