Uh! Do It Again!

Dash Cheeks

Somebody has giant baby cheeks and it ain’t me. They’re pretty frickin’ cute. Fun to squish.

And for those of you who read neilsattin, you already know about Dash’s breakthrough in communication. “Uh!” means, “do it again, daddy! do it again!”
He started up with it again this morning, making Neil put down his computer and come in from the other room to kiss him between the eyes. As soon as he’d set the laptop back on his lap, “Uh!” Again and again. He had us crying it was so cute.

Hmm… weekend wrap up… what did we do? Our attempt to spend Saturday morning at a local flea market was thwarted by Nascar. I know it’s the end of the season and all, but don’t bother holding the flea market for six vendors with Nascar memorabilia and some old video tapes. I was pretty disappointed but Neil’s suggestion to stop at an antiques store we passed on the ride home turned everything around. It’s one of those places with dozens upon dozens (seemed that big anyway) of stalls of pretty random stuff. Dolls, pyrex everything(!), books, and I’m pleased to report, no Nascar. I left there about 90 minutes later with a big collection of magazines from the 1880’s and 1890’s and a bag of correspondence from the 1940’s. I was in heaven! I’m still going through it all, but I expect to have a lot of it up in my etsy shop by the end of the week. Paper crafters, take notice!

Yesterday we had a house full of people for a reading of Louis Frederick’s latest screenplay. Glasses of wine in-hand, we read through it, with everyone having at least one part. (I was Old Woman and Clerk Over The PA or something like that.) It’s good stuff, Louis. Very good.
He’s in town for a few more days and will be staying with us tonight. Hope you don’t mind a little crying baby with your free bed and meals, Louis. We got some teeth coming in.

Off to the post office to ship out some goods and then on to the thrift stores to try to find Dash’s halloween costume. Stay tuned for more about that, but I’m looking for a tiny (6-12 months) gray suit. Anyone?

3 Responses to “Uh! Do It Again!”

  1. jennifer anniston Says:

    No suit, but did you know possum’s have 152 teeth?

  2. HappyDash Says:

    How could I forget about that? I might have to post again later and share that story.
    Um, that’s a lot of teeth. Have we verified that yet?

  3. jennifer anniston Says:

    Yeah, it’s more like 50. To my mom’s credit possums apparently are the the mammal with the most teeth (of the ones who call North America home, and really, those are the only ones that count).

    What’s a hundred teeth amongst friends?