Odds Might be Against Me

But I spent several minutes on 5 Minutes For Mom entering my name in their Mother’s Day Giveaways anyway.

Low odds, maybe. I guess it’s just the thought of winning. Brings me back to the first thing I ever won, way back in the early 80s at a church raffle. I just knew I was going to win the phone (a phone! just for me! and i didn’t even have a phone jack in my room! don’t care!) or the fancy clock radio.

I even wrote about it in my diary. Such was the excitement surrounding this raffle. 


Did not win phone.

Did not win fancy clock radio. 

Did guess the exact amount of jelly beans in the jar and won one of these:

best monkey ever

2 Responses to “Odds Might be Against Me”

  1. Emily Says:

    Happy mother’s day! Good luck with the raffle and good luck with the garden!

  2. rob Says:

    I love Monkeys!

    by the way– thanks for the encouragement on the discarded books. I’ve already started defacing one of the covers!