I’m a Winner

Gosh and golly, before I forget…. I won a contest! More specifically, I won THIS contest from All Star Me.

Woo hoo! Magnets (really good ones, by the way), books, strange glass pig, and much much more. Such a fun thing to find in the mail.

So, as the rules go, it’s my turn to put together a Pay It Forward contest for all of you. I’m still putting it together but I know it will be a mix of vintage and new goodies. You’re gonna want it. Promise.

Stay tuned….

[Edited to add: Um, this contest might be postponed since Dash has disappeared the camera battery charger. Or maybe I could just describe each item in vivid, mouth-watering detail and you could all use your imaginations. What do you think about that?]

2 Responses to “I’m a Winner”

  1. Paper Dolls for Boys Says:

    I knew you were a winner all along. Honestly, I only hang with the cool kids.

    Officially enter me into you PIF contest (I have one going on at my site but the prize is kinda lame – how’s that for a pitch?)

  2. ismoyo Says:

    Lucky you! That’s all your good karma, you give some, you get some!