Sugar Levels: Normal. For now.

It’s a good thing I checked my calendar yesterday since I was due in for my glucose test and a big old shot of Rhogam. Good times!

I ate a large plate of french toast (with cinnamon swirl bread from Big Sky, thank you very much) with 1/4 cup maple syrup and a tall glass of juice.

Naturally, it was delicious, and I’m incredibly grateful that I don’t have to drink that nasty looking orange syrupy stuff that it seems everyone else has to (thank you midwives!), but do you know how much 1/4 cup of syrup really is?

A. Lot.

I was all jittery until mid-afternoon when the protein finally began to counteract the sugar. Anyway, good good good times. And my apologies to anyone who met up with me while I was all hyped up.

Just a quick post because I have to fold my laundry (such a housefrau today). Don’t forget to enter the contest to win all sorts of glamorous and decadent prizes from yours truly. Today is the final day!

One Response to “Sugar Levels: Normal. For now.”

  1. Selena Says:

    I have a maple treat to suggest. Frozen waffles, a smidge of butter/margarine and Maple Butter. I wake up at night craving this treat and have to fight myself to go back to sleep instead of downstairs to the toaster.