Bigger Fish to Fry

You want a humbling experience? Take your camera, that “won’t turn on” to the Geek Squad over at Best Buy. Go ahead and tell them that your camera won’t turn on and the battery appears to be charged (so says the charger) so you’re not sure if it’s the charger, the battery, or the camera. Please, won’t you test it for me and find out what’s going on? says the very pregnant woman to the Geek.

I’ll skip ahead to the good part for you: it turns out that it’s important to place the battery in the charger so the little prongy things are lined up. Very important.

If you don’t, the charger might say the battery is charged, but it’s lying. And even though it’s lying to you, a very impolite thing to do, you’re still the dummy for believing it.

And this is just the kind of experience I recommend you start off your week with. Be humbled, laugh out loud at yourself, and move on to bigger fish.

p.s. working on a shop update today. check in later to see if i actually did it!

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