Wishpotting and Dreaming

How is it that it’s Monday again? And not only that, but it’s Monday at 2pm and I feel like I’m just getting started with the day. Must kickstart day. Must add sugar.

Could be that I’m exhausted from the weekend full of travel and guests. That seems likely. We have a good friend staying with us from LA for several days while he and Neil work on filming Neil’s dog training DVDs. They’ve been working hard each day while Dash and I stay home (we’re a one car family) and try to keep ourselves amused and everyone fed.

The only break in this routine was on Saturday when we headed up to Augusta for Neil’s show at the Lithgow Library. This was a fun one (wait, they pretty much all are) since it was at his hometown library. The Kennebec Journal wrote a great article promoting the event (which is nowhere to be found online. why? i don’t get it.) which brought out all kinds of people from his past. Even the woman who worked at the library when he was a kid. The same woman to whom his mother forced him to apologize when he stole a book from the library back when he was in junior high.

I wish I had a picture of the two of them talking after the show. He reminded her of what happened and even fessed up that he completely lied about how the book came to be in his possession. I can’t imagine that she didn’t see right through the fantastic story of how a bully made him take the book and rip out the library card pocket, but she said she didn’t remember it at all. Anyway, confession made and Neil’s soul just got a nice coat of polish on it.

Lunch in Hallowell for the three of us after at Slates. Such a great restaurant and a pretty little town. Just the kind of town we’d like to live in…. I mean, look at this vacant storefront just begging for a HappyDashery sign in the window.

A girl can dream, can’t she?

And speaking of dreaming, do you all know about Wishpot? This is the answer to your online wish list/registry dreams. Add the Wishpot button to your address bar and just click it when you see something online that you like. That adds the item to your master list (wish, gift giving, baby registry, etc.).
No more list on that site, registry on this site, confusion. Just make your Wishpot list public and everyone will know what you want for Christmas this year. Couldn’t be easier!

I’ll have a widget for it on this site as soon as my widget master returns home. Then you can see what’s on MY list.

Later taters.

[Edited to add: Ok, so Neil just turned to me and said: “Um, you just told the world that I stole a book from the library. And lied about it.”
And what I think he meant by that is that I need to come clean. I too, stole books (plural!) from the library when I was a kid. And I too, was sent back in to the library by my mom to confess my deeds to the librarian. The only difference being that I fully intended to return my books… I just hadn’t gotten around to it by the time my mom found them. Bad planning on my part.
I should also add, in the interest of full disclosure, that my mom is a librarian. Tee hee. ]

One Response to “Wishpotting and Dreaming”

  1. Selena Says:

    I love that you can visualize your store name in that window. That’s the only way I get things done around here. In this book that I am reading, they suggest doing that every single morning and evening. Write down your dream and visualize walking into your store. Stocking your shelves and meeting customers. It’s amazing what unfolds when you put it out there.