36 weeks and counting

And counting, and counting, and counting…

I know, I know, she needs to stay in as long as possible but I’m just so eager to meet her! I can’t believe she’s in there with all the right limbs (fully functioning, believe me and my bruised organs), with her eyes blinking and everything. What is she doing in there anyway? Reading? Meditating? Hatching an escape plan?

And, truth be told, I’m not exactly ready for her arrival anyway. I should probably do some laundry, change our sheets, unpack the baby clothes…. You know, the little things.

I think I’ll just change the subject because it’s really all I can think about at this point. I still have some pictures to post from recent thrifting scores, perhaps I can do that later today. After I’m done lying on the couch eating ice cream packing up some shop purchases.

In the meantime, for some dramatic storytelling about how and when our dog was once kidnapped, head on over here. Sometimes I call her Spikesy just to remind her of how good she has it now.

One Response to “36 weeks and counting”

  1. Selena Says:

    I can remember vividly that emotion of wanting to meet the baby and also after the baby is born, I want to put it back so I can sleep more. I’m useless without sleep. But I miss having babies so much and I would love to be pregnant again. And have a newborn just to do it all over again. I’m thinking of you often.