Not One Word About a Baby in this Post

Remember when I said I had some vintage finds to share? Well, here’s one that has been sitting around in my kitchen (too much counter space can be a bad thing sometimes) for at least a month or so.

I found four of these brass and glass lamps at a rummage sale a while back.

For four whole dollars. Total.

They have hooks on the bottom of each that would enable them to clip onto a table, which makes me think they might have come from an old library. Though, what’s the point of clipping them to the table when they could also just sit on the table? Am I missing something here? They also bend at the hinge in the middle.

What do you think they were used for? And what kind of shade would you put on them? I’m stumped, though really excited to move them on to the next stage. That of being a working part of my house.

I’m counting on all you thrifting types to help me figure out how.

One Response to “Not One Word About a Baby in this Post”

  1. Paper Dolls for Boys Says:

    Hmmm, those are super cool. I don’t think I wouldn’t spied those but those will be great in your house! I think library is a good guess but I don’t know. Maybe a simple paper shade? I stink at figuring stuff like that out.

    Why did I even post a comment you are wondering, right?!!!