How Nice

I just spent an hour and half with my husband.

Alone (with zella sleeping).

In the car.

In traffic that barely moved.

And it was wonderful!

How often do you get stuck in traffic and actually enjoy the experience? If you’re like me, i.e. a normal human being with things to do and places to go, not often. But I have to say, it was excellent to be stuck in a car with loved ones and not have to be anywhere, not have the phone ringing, not have the internet to distract us, not have dishes to do, etc.

It was just what we needed.

And thank god it’s over because the snack bag was running dangerously low.

3 Responses to “How Nice”

  1. Beth (A Mom's Life) Says:

    I actually feel the same way when we travel from NC to MA twice a year. Lots of time in the car with my family and as long as the DVR is working and we have lots of snacks…it’s grand!

  2. rob Says:

    Surprisingly, I don’t get in that much traffic here in San Diego, but occasionally when I do on my way to teach, I’m so happy to have my little notepad that is suction cupped to the dashboard so I can write little notes, story ideas, npr info.

  3. Paper Dolls for Boys Says:

    Back when we just had one baby, that’s what we did for “dates”, drive around with a sleeping baby and talk. I remember those days fondly! Glad you had some “quality time”!