Street Treasures

For someone who professes to love all things vintage I sure don’t share a lot of my treasures with you.

Take photo, put photo on computer, share photo? Not that hard, but sometimes, well….

It’s pure laziness, I tell ya.

Anyway, here is my latest acquisition. Found on my very own street, free for the taking.

I’d love to use this in a laundry room for all our towels and sheets but there’s that whole thing about not having a laundry room. I guess it will sit here in our dining room for a while until the perfect place opens up. The shelves are a bit unstable so I can’t just put dishes or really anything heavy on them. Any ideas?

4 Responses to “Street Treasures”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Is that chicken wire?

  2. HappyDash Says:

    You better believe it.

  3. Joy Says:

    Neat find!

  4. becoming-mom Says:

    Are you kidding me?? I paid $200 and had to drive 2 hours to get mine that looks remarkably similar to that one, and I thought that was a steal. Found it on the street.. some people have all the luck.

    Actually I think I like yours better!