Monday in the Garden

Mondays find me with just one baby on hand, a day for me and Zella. More often than not, Mondays this summer have been rainy and cool. Not exactly days you want to spend out doors. Not if you’re me anyway.
Today, glorious today, is hot and sunny. Just the day to be outside in the garden, picking blueberries and soaking up the sun.

blues and greens
I love how we can harvest blueberries for at least a month during the summer. Seeing all the large, ripe blues is exciting, but what about all the potential in the greens? I can just about taste it.

zella hat
Thank you for sitting and playing happily. And for wearing this ridiculous hat.

pink poppy
Crazy pink poppy.

View from the asparagus.

I love this stuff.

One Response to “Monday in the Garden”

  1. Joy Says:

    She is getting so big! And I love the hat!