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Makes Me Happy

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

Can I just tell you how happy it makes me that someone:

A. did an internet search for “puddle jumping,” and
B. that it brought them to my site.

That’s so cool.

Just for you, puddle-jumping pal, I promise to talk more about that. And maybe even show some pictures. That’s how much I love you.


Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

Still laughing over this and this.

Also, eating too many of these:

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Yum

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies don’t last very long around here. Too good. Too many!

The Dream Challenge

Monday, December 3rd, 2007

This is my response to the Reveal Your Dream challenge my husband wrote about on his blog. It’s my first take at it, so while I like what I’ve come up with, I reserve the right to make changes later on. I mean, it’s not exactly a “wild” dream, as neil suggested. What does that say about me, I wonder? Anyway…

This is my vision of the not too distant future.

I live with Neil and Dash (maybe another baby?) in our clean and well-organized home in Southern Maine. We have not too much clutter because the posessions we choose are meaningful and serve us well, not impulse purchases or “stuff.” Or at least a minimum of “stuff.” We’ve been strict with ourselves on the whole “a place for everything and everything in its place” thing so we’ve learned to contain the stuff-sprawl that tended to happen before. It makes keeping the house clean a much easier prospect. This makes me happy.

As before, we make most of our meals at home, together, enjoying local and organic foods as a rule. We eat well and Dash thrives on the diversity of flavors put before him.

And speaking of Dash, he continues to grow and learn, inspiring us every day to introduce him to new things and share old favorites. We spend a portion of every day on creative projects and reading, and another portion of time outdoors. He is happy and always up for adventure.

I am running my own business out of either the studio in our home or a small cottage on our property. It enables me to fulfill my entreprenurial goals and still be home with Dash for the majority of the day. I spend some time each day by myself, working on my business while he is cared for by friends and/or family. He and I both look forward to this time to do our own things. My studio continues to be an inspirational place for me and project after project is completed. I’ve even learned to sew!

Hmmm… what else? Happy, healthy, growing family. Clean and warm home. Money coming in. Oh! It’s also warm and sunny almost all the time. Sometimes there’s a windy rainy day that leaves great big puddles just right for jumping. But the wind is never so strong that it blows my Christmas wreath right off the house just after I put it up. Oh no. That never happens anymore.

And now friends, it’s your turn. I’m tagging the following people but feel free to chime in with your visions (read Neil’s original Dream Challenge post for all details) even if you don’t see your name on the list. Let’s put the Law of Attraction to work for us.


OH! One more thing to add to my dream vision: We have cleaned off our front porch and it’s now a totally usable and beautiful part of our home. Dash plays out there when it’s warm (which it always is, remember?) and we have informal dinner parties there in the evenings.