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We Should Start a Union

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

If you haven’t seen this new way to shop Etsy, go check out the Shop Local option here. There’s page after page of artists and vintage sellers all in the Portland area (and Portland, Oregon which is hard to filter out) that I might never have discovered.

Check this out:

Lean On Me is making these beautiful wooden canes and walking sticks.
Lean On Me Double TwistNote: this is made for a man but they’ll take special orders!

Swallowfield is an absurdly talented artist just over the bridge in SoPo right here in Portland.
Swallowfield Art

Little Leg Warmers has all kinds of good things in her shop. Handmade cards, bags, and quilts like this gorgeous Little Retro Ladies Quilt that I just drooled on my laptop over:
Little Leg Warmers Retro Quilt

Curiously enough, just one local vintage seller comes up. A little cottage industry going by the name of HappyDashery. I love her stuff!
Frosted Nymph Glasses

So there’s a little taste of Portland, Maine talent. Show them your support! And then get over to Etsy and check out what’s happening in your town.

Sporty Smurf!

Saturday, November 17th, 2007

Want to relive those Saturday morning cartoons? Yeah, me too. But it can be hard to gather your brother (who lives across the country), some cheerios (we’re out), and your favorite Muppet Show TV tray (where did those end up, mom?). Maybe some Smurf memorabilia will do. Yes, yes it will. Hop on over to Memarie Lane and you can win this mug from the HappyDashery.

ADHD Sporty Smurf
Just tell Marie about your favorite item from the HappyDashery and you’re in the contest. Get to it!

It’s an honor to be included in Marie’s roundup of Etsy Favorites. I’m the only vintage shop featured so I kind of stand out in the something-for-everyone group of artists. I especially love the wall decals over at Holly’s Shop. The Grunge Chandelier anyone? Love that.

In other HappyDashery news, there’s a big shop update planned for this coming week. Pyrex, books, kitchenwares, paper goods, etc. Good good good stuff! Check in often as things have been moving quickly (thanks to all you big HappyDashery supporters! You’re awesome!)

Have a great weekend everyone.

How Exciting!

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

The HappyDashery received its first honor.

Both the LaLaLa Lamb and the Vintage Ecko Kitchen Utensils made it into the Dude, What’s Up With YOUR Kitchen treasury on Etsy.

Thank you CircleOfTheSun!

The HappyDashery Opens its Doors

Friday, September 28th, 2007

At long freaking last, I have opened the doors to the HappyDashery Vintage Shop.

(Sound of the internets fleeing to a new! shopping! site!)

And for those of you who’ve stuck around…

Can you tell I’m mildly stuck on this name-everything-after-Dashiell thing? It’s so much easier than actually having to come up with unique names. And it’s working, so I’m going with it.
Opening a shop is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. And while I still want an actual bricks and mortar shop, this is a fun and much easier way to achieve it for now. Eight month olds and retail shops do not mix.
Anyway, I’m excited and scared and having a lot of fun. I even sold something!

There’s some fine tuning to do over there and new items are being added every day (it’s a slow process over there at etsy). It’s my goal to start with vintage and then work into a line of vintage supplies and amazing things made with such supplies. Things made in my imaginary studio of glory.

I’ve been dreaming lately about my imaginary studio and all the trimmings and I’m so happy to share that it’s nearly a reality. It’s a shared room (I can’t kick Neil out completely), but one whole half of it will have room for me. I’m all giddy just thinking about it! Once the walls are painted from drab gray and cranberry to an inspirational orange, I will be unstoppable.

So, in summary, if you like the vintage, retro, mid-century, eames era, kitsch, insert your own label here stuff, check in with my store regularly.

Also, if you want to help pay my mortgage, check in with my store regularly. I’ll see you there.