Summer in Maine

The thing about summer in Maine is this. Everyone you know will come visit you at some point during these incredibly short three months. (Is it even three?) And who can blame them? The rest of the year is COLD and Snowy. We wear layers and bid each other “drive safe!” as we step outside, hoping we don’t slip on a hidden patch of ice. That kind of weather is for the diehards, the foolish. You know, us.

But the kind of weather we’ve had for the past week or so? A- mazing. And just in time for the next installment of summer visitors. First there was Jess, down for a quick visit from Toronto. We ran away from all responsibility and headed to the beach. Some goooooooood people watchin’ there, including a KidMan* who recommended that next time we come, we simply “don’t pay five bucks. Just throw two dollars at the guy and walk away.” That’s good advice, thanks KidMan.

And then Cassie came to visit this weekend and I haven’t seen her since my wedding. As if! There’s no excuse for that, I love her and I wish she would move to Maine.

Anyway, this is all just to say that that’s what I’ve been up to and I apologize for not writing. I’ll be back on the bloggin’ wagon tomorrow. With pictures and everything.

*You know the kind. Looks like he’s about 14, right down to the puffy, baby fat body, but in fact is married and has a child and was probably about 21.

3 Responses to “Summer in Maine”

  1. neil Says:

    I felt like such a chump knowing that I could have just thrown 2 bucks at the attendant (instead of 12!) and gotten away with it.

    Well, maybe after I get a couple more tattoos…and a lot more of a beer gut.

  2. HappyDash Says:

    I’m not sure anyone likes having money actually thrown at them. It’s just not nice. I mean, it’s money. But it’s also throwing.

  3. Clementine Cassie Says:

    You can throw money at me any time. Heck, even coins. Yes, coins.