On the Eastern Promenade

Not a bad place to spend the morning, that’s for sure. While Neil played tennis with Dan, Dashiell and I walked down to the East End Beach and then along the water to the boat landing. As I walked out on the dock, I suddenly realized just how fortunate we are to live here by the ocean. I think I took it for granted growing up. When you’re a bored teenager who dreams only of leaving town, it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. I’m proud to report that at the tender age of 30, I now see the forest! Hallelujah!

All things considered, my life is fairly stress-free, but looking out on the water (near the proposed site of my Sconery— that story another time) I find that any stress disappears and is replaced by utter calm. I didn’t even remember that I hadn’t slept well last night or any of the nights in the previous six months (thank you, Dash). To forget this is a pretty powerful thing.

This ocean has been a constant in my life. I realized that even if we were to move from Portland, we could only move to another coastal community. It wouldn’t seem right otherwise.

I mean, a girl has to have some standards, right?

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