Thirty-one Candles

Someone’s birthday is coming up and I think it’s mine. This year I’m feeling like I have more than enough (though I do not yet have an iPhone), so when brainstorming gift ideas, I’m kind of stumped.

Sure, I’d love anything spa-related. I’d totally go on a shopping spree for some new clothes for my post-baby body. And naturally I’d receive with open arms the above-mentioned iPhone.

But really… I think I just want a few things done for piece of mind. Like this:

Free offers of babysitting so I can tackle the painting, organization, and set-up of our office/studio. Be warned, this may take some time.

Pantry shelves installed.

Quote Unquote Pantry. Also known as a counter top.
This is not working for me.

Our beautiful glassed-in front porch cleaned of all boxes and Astro Turf, cleaned, and set up with a few chairs and a table. (Seriously, Astro Turf? We don’t exactly have a ball field out there.)

Some inspiration for Dash’s room. We have a crib that we don’t use taking up space and lots of bare walls. Any ideas? Something not so much Babies ‘r Us inspired and more just… inspired.

A trust fund.

A new Bernina.

An organized garage and basement.

Wow. Can you tell we moved to our new house when I was too pregnant to do anything and now all these undone projects are smacking me in the face on a daily basis? Yikes. I think it’s that we’re coming up on the year mark and the undone list doesn’t seem to have shrunk any. Note to any mothers-to-be out there: when people tell you you won’t have time once your baby is born, they are. not. kidding.

Good thing you’re cute, baby.
Cute baby

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