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Thirty-one Candles

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

Someone’s birthday is coming up and I think it’s mine. This year I’m feeling like I have more than enough (though I do not yet have an iPhone), so when brainstorming gift ideas, I’m kind of stumped.

Sure, I’d love anything spa-related. I’d totally go on a shopping spree for some new clothes for my post-baby body. And naturally I’d receive with open arms the above-mentioned iPhone.

But really… I think I just want a few things done for piece of mind. Like this:

Free offers of babysitting so I can tackle the painting, organization, and set-up of our office/studio. Be warned, this may take some time.

Pantry shelves installed.

Quote Unquote Pantry. Also known as a counter top.
This is not working for me.

Our beautiful glassed-in front porch cleaned of all boxes and Astro Turf, cleaned, and set up with a few chairs and a table. (Seriously, Astro Turf? We don’t exactly have a ball field out there.)

Some inspiration for Dash’s room. We have a crib that we don’t use taking up space and lots of bare walls. Any ideas? Something not so much Babies ‘r Us inspired and more just… inspired.

A trust fund.

A new Bernina.

An organized garage and basement.

Wow. Can you tell we moved to our new house when I was too pregnant to do anything and now all these undone projects are smacking me in the face on a daily basis? Yikes. I think it’s that we’re coming up on the year mark and the undone list doesn’t seem to have shrunk any. Note to any mothers-to-be out there: when people tell you you won’t have time once your baby is born, they are. not. kidding.

Good thing you’re cute, baby.
Cute baby

Dork Mom, episode 1.

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

In which our heroine introduces her son, Dash, to the slide at the playground across from her old house. Dork Mom is excited.

Dork Mom tries to convince young son just how fun slides can be

DM: See Dash? Slides are fun. Look… weeeeee.

Dash: eh.

DM: Silly baby. Come with me and I’ll show you just how fun slides can be.

DM: he he he, sorry baby! Mommy should have remembered how clutzy she is and not tried to slide with 16 extra pounds in her hands. he he he. Kiss kiss.

Dash chokes Dork Mom

Dash: Don’t ever do that to me again. I will kill you.

Lessons learned. Dresses purchased.

Monday, August 20th, 2007

…And we’re back. Doesn’t it always feel so good to get home after a vacation? We enjoyed every minute of being away but still, you just can’t beat the rush of driving over the bridge into Maine. Not to mention sleeping in our own bed.

As far as my worries of travelling with Dash? Completely unfounded. Aside from the car ride (more on that below) he was the best little traveller ever there was. We packed single servings of applesauce and frozen cubes of sweet potato in a dorky canvas cooler (does everyone get at least one of these courtesy of their workplace? is it law or something?) and lugged it around with us while we hopped between friend’s houses. Since he mainly eats just twice a day (like a pet!) we didn’t have to carry any of it with us during the day. Just a bag of Cheerio-like cereal to fend off the hunger cranks (works for both mom and baby).

Dash LOVED the city. Loved it. He seems to really like meeting new people, seeing new things, and is apparently just fine with sleeping in strange beds. This will come in handy in his early 20’s. He charmed nearly everyone he met (typical), even on the subway. We loved watching people who were all caught up in their days, stressed over work, relationships, whatever, see Dash and give him these huge smiles. There were a couple moments where I was all caught up with something (probably praying we had just gotten on the right train and weren’t going to have to get off at the next stop to hop on one going in the opposite direction, because yes, that did happen) and wasn’t paying attention, when I’d realized people were smiling all around me. It’s kind of awesome (in the true sense of the word) to realize they’re all looking at Dash. It’s called charisma, and this kid’s got it. Very cool to see in action.

I was going to write out the details of our days—what we did, where we ate, what we bought—but then I realized it’s kind of boring. We walked around the city, visited with friends we rarely see, ate delicious food, bought pretty dresses for me. That’s it in a nutshell. What i’d rather say is that I learned two very important lessons on this trip.

One. Though I was pretty focused on taking Neil to Brooklyn to show him where I lived and breathed back before he knew me, I decided to skip that trip entirely. I realized that it was really more of a nostalgia tour for myself and that I really didn’t need it. Once I let go of the idea, I relaxed more into the trip and enjoyed our days of somewhat aimless roaming. All in all, I think we enjoyed that much more than we would have had I made us spend an entire day in Brooklyn while I narrated, “I ate lunch there once,” or “I know Smiling Pizza looks like an innocent pizza place but really they just want to smile and oggle your breasts.” By spending our days covering more territory than just Brooklyn, I was able to narrate like this: “that’s where Steve Buscemi stared at Jes’s ankles like he wanted to eat them,” and “that’s where Aaron and I saw the dead guy.” Much more interesting material.

Two. Dash likes Cheerios. A lot. And when he wakes up crying three hours into the car ride, if I move to the backseat and feed him 43 Cheerios one by one, he stops crying. Good to know.

Trip Tease

Sunday, August 19th, 2007

Not quite ready or able to write about the trip. Will this hold you over?

Travelling used to be so easy.

Monday, August 13th, 2007

Happy Monday. We’ve been having these flash rain storms in between mostly sunny skies all morning. This makes my flowers very happy.

We are in the midst of planning our NY trip right now, this very moment. It’s funny. I used to be really organized and now, well, not so much. I strive to be, yet some days (today, for instance) it seems like an insurmountable challenge. If we’re going to leave soon, shouldn’t we know where we’re going to stay, have clean clothes to pack up, have some days planned, etc.? Instead, we’re both on our computers. Me, writing this. Neil, fixing host issues. Still. Grrr.

Also, I’m kind of worried about having Dash away from the house for so long. We’ve never travelled with him so I don’t know what to bring. If he was exclusively nursing it would be so much easier. Damn that solid food! I’ve been making all of his food right here in the kitchen, but I think it will be pretty inconvenient to carry days worth of applesauce and sweet potato around with us. Which means I’ll have to buy jarred food for him. Something I haven’t wanted to do but will have to accept, I suppose.

But really… how do you travel with a baby knowing you’ll be bouncing from house to house and may or may not have a car with you and will no doubt be carrying bags? I am new mother, do not know.


Also, must be packed up and ready and still have time for Flight of the Conchords. This is not negotiable.