Sporty Smurf!

Want to relive those Saturday morning cartoons? Yeah, me too. But it can be hard to gather your brother (who lives across the country), some cheerios (we’re out), and your favorite Muppet Show TV tray (where did those end up, mom?). Maybe some Smurf memorabilia will do. Yes, yes it will. Hop on over to Memarie Lane and you can win this mug from the HappyDashery.

ADHD Sporty Smurf
Just tell Marie about your favorite item from the HappyDashery and you’re in the contest. Get to it!

It’s an honor to be included in Marie’s roundup of Etsy Favorites. I’m the only vintage shop featured so I kind of stand out in the something-for-everyone group of artists. I especially love the wall decals over at Holly’s Shop. The Grunge Chandelier anyone? Love that.

In other HappyDashery news, there’s a big shop update planned for this coming week. Pyrex, books, kitchenwares, paper goods, etc. Good good good stuff! Check in often as things have been moving quickly (thanks to all you big HappyDashery supporters! You’re awesome!)

Have a great weekend everyone.

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