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Jesus, you people have been busy

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

I’m just getting around to checking in on my reader and my good god! How am I supposed to find the time to catch up with you all?

From new babies
big moves
scary moments with blood
really happy moments with maracas

I promise to be good and do my reading and to catch up with all of you as soon as possible. As soon as I have one more cookie.
And maybe some coffee (as this new “hi mama i’m up and it’s 5:30am, wanna play?” really doesn’t fly with me). Sigh.

The Return

Monday, August 25th, 2008

… And we’re back!

While I try to avoid unpacking, laundry, and basic house clean up that I neglected to do before we left, here are a few choice pictures from our delightful, relaxing, sunny week on the lake.

Dash ready for his early morning canoe ride. Note pj’s, silly swim outfit, and doggie, who went on every canoe trip we took.

Sittin’ on the dock on the murky side of our private peninsula.

Happy baby and daddy.

Anyone know how to edit out foolish-mom-shadow? It couldn’t be avoided here and I really like this shot of Dash’s reflection.

Gathered at the end of the dock one afternoon.

Ok, back to real life now. Hi everyone!

Farewell and Farewell

Friday, August 15th, 2008

As if on cue, the sun is finally out. Just in time to send us off on a week of vacationing on the lake. Nothing but sun, swimming, relaxing, eating, sleeping, maybe some thrifting, and a wee bit o’ working. That couldn’t be helped, but at least my “work” involves reading fiction. Not too shabby even on a bad day.

So I’ll be away from the computer for a whole week (!) and will miss you all dearly. Farewell.

The other farewell is for Aunt Ethel who passed away today.

Aunt Ethel, Neil, and Dash (at about six months) last year. Ethel and Dash had a real bond due to baby talk being the major form of communication for both of them. You will be missed Ethel.

Breakfast Sandwiches AND Pancakes?

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

Michael Phelps would make an excellent pregnant woman.

See why right here.

And Still it Rains…

Friday, August 8th, 2008

At first my garden was pleased with the rain. And then it was really super happy with the rain. And now, even the garden is saying, “What’s with the constant downpours and no sun? Seriously guys. I wants to make tomatoes.”

It’s good timing for one activity though. We’re off to a family reunion in CT tomorrow and I need to spend today baking and making salsa. Sounds nice doesn’t it? So does the thought of introducing Dashiell to a whole slew of family that he’s never met, and that I haven’t seen for ages.

Pray for sun, eh? It’s time this boy met some cousins.