And Still it Rains…

At first my garden was pleased with the rain. And then it was really super happy with the rain. And now, even the garden is saying, “What’s with the constant downpours and no sun? Seriously guys. I wants to make tomatoes.”

It’s good timing for one activity though. We’re off to a family reunion in CT tomorrow and I need to spend today baking and making salsa. Sounds nice doesn’t it? So does the thought of introducing Dashiell to a whole slew of family that he’s never met, and that I haven’t seen for ages.

Pray for sun, eh? It’s time this boy met some cousins.

One Response to “And Still it Rains…”

  1. Paper Dolls for Boys Says:

    That photograph is so sweet. I don’t even know him but I bet that really captured one of his “looks”!

    Have fun at the family reunion, hope no body gets arrested!