Sun, Rain, Sun, Rain Very Hard, Repeat

That is pretty much the story of the last several days around here. It’s making planning a day out rather difficult.

Pants or shorts? Sandals or boots? Wash hair or why even bother?

Since it’s naptime and dinner is a salad and therefore practically already made, I am sitting on the couch with my feet up (not a bon-bon in sight, what the hell?) searching for WordPress themes for this site. It is in serious need of an overhaul. You may have noticed this for yourself, and if so, I say thank you for being polite enough to not say anything about it. Trust me, I know already.

Turns out there are 76 bajillion WP themes out there. Who knew?

If anyone has a favorite theme or an idea for this site, feel free to share. I’m a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing.

I think I’ll just go wash up this new lemon-yellow melmac tea set I picked up for the shop the other day. Time to get it photographed and listed. That, I think I can handle.

Hope the sun is shining where you are.

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