Seeking: Tonya at 25

Look out, NY! Here we come. Wah hoo.
I can’t believe that I haven’t been back to the city since I left in 2003. I’ve been upstate (that’s where we got married, after all) but just haven’t made it back to the city proper. I’ve missed it and I’ve really wanted to share my old neighborhood and drink beer from a styrofoam cup with Neil, but something has always come up to keep us from driving down there.
But it’s all official-like now. We’re coming in August, which gives me about a month to plan the trip. Where to stay (friends, that’s your cue to volunteer your fold-out couch), what to see….

For sure:
Take Neil to Brooklyn via the F train. Walk around Park Slope to see what’s new, buy ravioli at that little Italian deli on 7th (sooo good and creamy), expect around every corner we will run smack-dab into ex-boyfriends, shop and meander our way up towards the park and on to Farrell’s for some take-out beer to get us through the last push into my old neighborhood. Mission: relive the past and try not to be too sad about it. There’s a lot of memories there. Good and bad, but mostly good.

Hmm… well that just covers one corner of Brooklyn and I imagine we’ll spend a little time in the actual city too. Show him where I used to work? I have to take him to Jimmy’s Corner, that’s not even up for debate. A lot of time and money was spent here, back when it was still filled with smoke even! I wonder if this is why I could always pay my rent but never seemed to be able to save any money…

Where else? What else? Got any good ideas Internet?

2 Responses to “Seeking: Tonya at 25”

  1. Neil Says:

    I’m looking forward to it already. I’ve wished that I had known you back then, and this will be a way to do that without risking the rejection I most surely would have faced from your young city-lovin’ self, had we indeed met – at Jimmy’s Corner.

  2. admin Says:

    That might be true, but only because love can’t bloom in a place like Jimmy’s Corner. You’ll see. Lust could bloom and get good and drunk, but not so much with the love.