Sunday on the farm

As I write this, the rain falls on my lovely new deck that I was really looking forward to spending all day sitting on. I hadn’t factored in the umbrella, so I think I’ll just stay in and write at the table. Grrr…. My flowers are happy to see the rain though, so I’ll let it go and channel yesterday’s weather, which was near-perfect. Sunny and warm. One of those days that make you wonder why you live in Maine because there’s far more bad weather than there are days like that.

We’ve been picking up our CSA share from the Wolf Pine Farm for the last three seasons and never once went out to see the place. Yesterday we drove out to Alfred to see where our food comes from and share breakfast with other share holders. People, the food was good! Pancakes, a delicious quiche, potatoes, and salty salty bacon. And obviously coffee. I don’t think I would have made it without the coffee. The farm is beautiful, with garden plots everywhere (duh), and river frontage where Dashiell got to dip his feet in. The kid loves water.

We ate outside with a couple of other young families and talked babies and real estate, and swapped tips for what to do with the abundance of some veggies we get in our share. (HINT: marinate and grill the kohlrabi! Brilliant! It’s great in a salad, but we’ll be trying the grill next time.) Dash was dressed for the occasion in his overalls (albeit with the Rogue’s Gallery onesie. a bit of fashion on the farm never killed anyone), and I was not dressed for the occasion in my flip flops. Memo to self: when going to farm, dress for farm.

4 Responses to “Sunday on the farm”

  1. Sister in Suburbitude Says:

    Hey! Just found your blog! Can’t wait to read all of the adventures happening on the other side of Craigie.

    I’m so glad you guys helped motivate (at least some of) us to get to the farm. Agreed w/r/t goodness of the food. I’ve e-mailed them to request that they post the recipe for that fabulous frittata – that was the tasty!

  2. admin Says:

    Hey em. If you get that recipe, pass it on! I’m all about anything with garlic scapes these days.

  3. maryann Says:

    Hi Tonya-
    Just found yours and Neil’s blogs- very cool! i love that picture of levi and dash, and the very cute one of dash with levi’s finger (though he does look like he’s going for dash’s eye!). i agree- great food and i would also love that quiche/frittata recipe if you get it! it was great to meet you three at the farm the other day. we’ll see you around the neighborhood – maryann

  4. HappyDash Says:

    Hey Maryann! I have more pictures to send you, too. Hope to see you soon.