Why is my towel damp?

“Marraige is all about sharing,” Neil is fond of saying, when what he reallys means is, “Why can’t I drink from your water glass? I don’t want to get my own.”
The answer is, “Because it’s mine. And because maybe I’m trying to see how much water I drink in a day and maybe you just screwed up my count. Grrr…” Yes, I growl.

I was reading MightyGirl today and I cracked up laughing, because I so feel her pain. I could have written that post myself. I buy our toothbrushes in girl/boy colors to make it super-freaking-obvious which one belongs to me and which one belongs to Neil. You’d think anyway.

Me: are you using my toothbrush?
Neil: no.
Me: yes you are.
Neil: (looks down at handle) oh shit. oops.

But in all fairness to Neil, this has only happened a few times. It’s the Towel Confusion that reigns supreme in my house. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to take a shower and found my towel pre-moistened for me. How thoughtful, right? Um no. It’s really, really gross.

And then there was this: I walked in the bathroom when Neil was in the shower the other day. There’s a towel draped over the door, and my hook is suspiciously empty. Hmm…

Me: hey, that’s my towel.
Neil: no it isn’t.
Me: yours is right here on your hook.
Neil: that’s not my hook.

Oh really? Looks like we’ll be starting from scratch on this one.

4 Responses to “Why is my towel damp?”

  1. your loving husband Says:

    Hey, you said you’d at least point out how I DO know which side of the bed is mine!!


  2. admin Says:

    True, love! My apologies for forgetting. And my apologies for being completely unmoved by your plea to switch sides. My side!


  3. jennifer anniston Says:

    I was just informed I spelled the name of my pseudonym incorrectly. The way her name is pronounced, it should have two “n’s”.

  4. Robyn Says:

    oh my god, we should start a “my husband steals my clean towel all the time” club! I am so with you on this!