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Sunday on the farm

Monday, July 23rd, 2007

As I write this, the rain falls on my lovely new deck that I was really looking forward to spending all day sitting on. I hadn’t factored in the umbrella, so I think I’ll just stay in and write at the table. Grrr…. My flowers are happy to see the rain though, so I’ll let it go and channel yesterday’s weather, which was near-perfect. Sunny and warm. One of those days that make you wonder why you live in Maine because there’s far more bad weather than there are days like that.

We’ve been picking up our CSA share from the Wolf Pine Farm for the last three seasons and never once went out to see the place. Yesterday we drove out to Alfred to see where our food comes from and share breakfast with other share holders. People, the food was good! Pancakes, a delicious quiche, potatoes, and salty salty bacon. And obviously coffee. I don’t think I would have made it without the coffee. The farm is beautiful, with garden plots everywhere (duh), and river frontage where Dashiell got to dip his feet in. The kid loves water.

We ate outside with a couple of other young families and talked babies and real estate, and swapped tips for what to do with the abundance of some veggies we get in our share. (HINT: marinate and grill the kohlrabi! Brilliant! It’s great in a salad, but we’ll be trying the grill next time.) Dash was dressed for the occasion in his overalls (albeit with the Rogue’s Gallery onesie. a bit of fashion on the farm never killed anyone), and I was not dressed for the occasion in my flip flops. Memo to self: when going to farm, dress for farm.

Clam Festival

Saturday, July 21st, 2007

I have lots of good memories of going to the Yarmouth Clam Festival when I was a kid. I think we probably went every year; driving to the playground in Yarmouth, parking the car, waiting for the shuttle to come. The shuttle was any one of the town school buses that were put to use picking up festival goers, bringing them to the center of town, only to return for their fried-dough-stuffed, Tilt-a-Whirled-selves later that night. That one day of the year would be one of the few times that I’d ever ride a school bus over the course of my life. And by way of explanation, for those of you who don’t know me, when your mom teaches at your school, you don’t get to ride a bus. I probably don’t have to tell you, for those of you who do know me, that the bus was every bit as good as the actual festival to me. I mean, it’s a school bus! For kids! Like me!
So this year marked year one of Dashiell’s (and Cathy, Marjetta, Michael, Cory, and Robyn’s) introduction to the Festival. For better or worse. He was pretty thoroughly entertained (the people watching is really, really good*) and only somewhat confused when the Kora Temple Shriner’s came through the parade with their tiny cars and big, old men. Can you blame him?
I think not.

* Highlights include fashion mistakes too numerous to mention and one mom “helping” her kids pee outside by holding them around their waists while they clung to their mylar balloons. Mom: helping might have better involved you holding the balloons so they could pop a squat more effectively. Just a thought. But it was good entertainment, so thanks for not thinking of that.

Consider this for your weekend plans

Friday, July 20th, 2007

Could someone please do something to divert attention from Lindsay Lohan and Britney?
I’m bored with them. Thank you.

p.s. Speaking of scintilating celebrity gossip, I hear Pat Sajak and Vanna White will be at the Yarmouth Clam Festival this weekend. And get this. So. Will. We.

I can barely stand it! No really. I’m that cool.

Place: My bedroom. Time: 4am.

Friday, July 20th, 2007

Dashiell: wah, wah, wah, I’m not hungry, I’m not cold or hot, I’m just wah, wah, wah, etc.

Neil: mumble, mumble, diaper?

Me: i didn’t hear what you said over the crying but if you just volunteered to change his diaper, go for it.

(baby and daddy disappear. three really short minutes later…)

Neil: look! i traded in that last baby for this new improved version. now with dry diaper! let’s see if this one works better.

Dashiell2: (looks at mommy) wah, wah, wah, etc.

Me: Must be a flaw at the factory.

Bacon-scented post

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

The end to a very good, if somewhat rainy, day is spelled p-a-n-c-a-k-e-s-a-n-d-b-a-c-o-n. Which Neil is in the kitchen making right now. For me. Because it wasn’t enough that I had my hair cut (thank the good god), lunch out with my mom, and ice cream for no good reason. Not enough by a longshot. The man knows that I haven’t slept more than two consecutive hours since Dash was born and require a little extra care and attention to keep me from losing my mind entirely.

Just a thought… do they make an infant Ambien formula? Is that Dr. Sears sanctioned?
‘Cuz I’d buy it.

But back to the food, we’ve been making these multi-grain pancakes for a few years now with little deviation. Occasionally, a Martha Stewart recipe tempts me enough to give it a go, but not even her recipes are as good as this one. You’re dying to know what’s in them aren’t you? Stick with me a little longer, gentle reader. I might start posting some recipes, but I haven’t decided on that yet. Besides, I’m keeping this one under wraps for a while. It’s that good.
Plus, organic bacon? Um, yum.

Time for me to slip away to my dream world for a few syrup-covered moments. One where babies sleep alllllll night.