A-Thrifting We Did Go

Ok, this site is in need of a serious makeover. More white space! It’s so bad that every time I come here to write, I get discouraged and go read other blogs instead. This is not good for me nor for my wallet. Makeover coming soon! Soon I tell you!

In other news, I just spent a lovely afternoon thrifting with Robyn. This early fall day is sunny and lovely (do I talk about the weather a lot or is it just me?), and just right for walking around town looking for just the right thing. There are some great thrift stores in Portland, though at least one has started researching their wares on eBay, which makes for some surprising pricing. I often wonder if they get the full price they’re asking. I found some great vintage wallpaper with delicate yellow flowers on it, which Violet needed to investigate immediately.

Violet with the flowered wallpaper

I also found a matching trivet set from the same era with a pretty ugly/cool plaid on it. Or maybe it just looks ugly against the backdrop of my dining room table.

Retro plaid trivets

That was it for today, though I’m kicking myself for not picking up these mushroom-shaped spice jars the other day. It wasn’t a complete set and I thought, “What do I need a mushroom-shaped allspice container for? Do I even have allspice?”

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