Studio: before.

I’ve just put up some photos of the studio taken before it goes through its miraculous transformation. Five gray walls, one red wall (yes, there really are six walls), one walk-in closet with the door put on backwards, four windows in need of replacement, one ceiling fan that’s seen its last revolution, and a tiny red mystery door. I hope to have some new pictures to share on Monday. New meaning “showing progress.”

I guess I accidently skipped out on doing the obligatory Halloween post. It wasn’t intentional, really. That morning, we went in town and spent some time in a cafe, intending to write while Dash slept. Naturally, Dash woke up almost immediately, and since he doesn’t enjoy sitting in his car seat, that means at least one of us wasn’t going to be writing. Neil volunteered (he’s a whole lot more prolific than I am anyway so that seems fair) and I got to writing. After taking a few pictures, that is.

Long-haired Girlish Dashiell in the Fall Leaves
Rasta baby.

It’s a wig?

It’s a wig? part 2
You mean it’s not real?

Baby’s Head Exposed!

Dashiell in the Fall Leaves
There’s my boy.

Who’s that Girl?
Me in disguise.

Then back to writing. I suddenly noticed the wireless meter going down, down, down, up, up, dowwwwwn. The friendly barista with devil horns told me that in fact they don’t have wireless since they think it takes away from the community feeling within the shop. I guess I was hijacking someone elses the whole time. Oh well. We packed up and moved on since I hate community. Kidding, but I did need wireless.

The rest of our day was filled with exploring the town, finally buying my birthday sewing machine, and seeing a gorilla ride down the street on his bike. You know, the usual.

Happy Friday everyone. Have a great weekend! If you’re free, come on by and help me paint. Seriously. I have beer and I know a really good pizza place.

2 Responses to “Studio: before.”

  1. Robyn Says:

    how did you fail to tell me about the biking gorilla?! fantastic!

  2. HappyDash Says:

    we see gorillas out all the time, don’t you? it’s just so not noteworthy.