Restored and Refreshed.

That’s how I’m feeling right now. Date night is good for the soul, I tell ya. We had a really good meal, good wine, ran into all kinds of old friends, and totally managed to avoid talking about Dash. I think the only time he came up was when other people asked about him. (Don’t worry little guy, it’s not like we forgot about you. Just having some much needed adult time/conversation.)

And it’s this good feeling that I’ve been holding on to and has kept me from getting totally pissed off at the 47 neighbors who have been out with leaf blowers all weekend long. Seriously people. How lazy are you? Unless you’re very old or physically cannot rake you do not need a leaf blower.* You need a rake. That’s all.

*unless of course you, my lovely readers, have a leaf blower. in that case, i applaud your efficiency.

One Response to “Restored and Refreshed.”

  1. Sloth Says:

    Hi – I don’t know if I ever gave you my website address, but here it is.

    I’ve been perusing your Etsy store – the stuff is so great! I think you have an eye for these things.

    Maybe I’ll see you next week…?