Taking a Deep Post-Christmas Breath

As much as I love it, these quiet moments after Christmas are always so nice. The tree stands, proud and decorated, and there’s no pressure to make or buy lovely things to put beneath it. Josie loves these days best of all, as there’s finally room for her.
Josie the Cat naps under the Christmas tree

We spent a lovely Christmas eve and day with my parents (at what we call our “country house”). Dash, oblivious to all except mom & dad & grandparents lavishing attention on him, was spoiled with more gifts than he knows what to do with. Not too many really, but when you consider how much an almost-one-year-old really needs, a lot.

His favorite way to spend time? Standing at the old drum-turned-coffee-table playing with this little gift box that plays “We wish you a merry Christmas” every time the lid is lifted. Sounds fine, but that box is one of the more annoying things ever brought into my parent’s house. And I should know. I brought it home to them almost twenty years ago. You’re welcome, Dad!

Here’s a shot of the boy in action.
Dash plays at the drum christmas 2007

So now it’s all over for another year and the snow is falling yet again. Life goes on, and never was that more clear than on my to-do list.

Today’s To-Do:

Go to the post office
Return videos (Cube and Chalk)
Paint studio (who am i even kidding here? this is the longest project ever.)
Write thank you notes

And with that I’m off. Those thank you’s don’t write themselves.

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  1. Meme Says:

    Gee, he’s so serious. No doubt he broke out into the usual smile right after that.