Delicate Sensibilities

Wow. I had no idea you all were so easily offended. I’ll try to avoid talking about poop in the future. Even if it’s hypothetical poop. Poop that never existed.

Poop that never was.

In other news, the sun just came out and it’s almost 50 degrees! Got to love that January thaw. I just came in from running a few errands to find Dash up early from his nap and Neil and Tim still rehearsing in the living room. I’m thinking the two are related.

I haven’t talked about it on this site yet, but Neil (thoroughly inspired by Dash) has been writing children’s music for the last few months. You can listen to some rough demos here to get an idea of what I’m talking about. Those are two of the early songs and in my opinion they’ve gotten steadily better since then (there’s another 10 or so being recorded, including this sweet rag-time-ish tune). We’re already planning the world tour (and complete world domination), so let me know if you want us to play your town or sublet our house in coastal Maine.
I’m mostly not kidding.

P.S. HappyDashery shop update in progress. Check it out!

One Response to “Delicate Sensibilities”

  1. Emily Says:

    “Poop that never was.”

    Somehow, that phrase makes me feel very sad. What about the poor poop that never even was? Was it food left unloved and uneaten on a plate? A snack left in a bag, and then forgotten until the next time you use that bag, at which point it is nasty and moldy and has to be thrown out? Maybe it was food that looked really good in the store and you had great plans for it but then it got accidentally pushed aside in the refrigerator and guess what, no one wants to eat you when you’re covered with puffy green stuff?