Sorry Lamby

Things I’ve learned so far this morning:

1. Cooking lamb makes a surprisingly greasy mess in the oven. This is fun to find out the following morning. Yum.

2. Don’t turn the oven to self-clean without first opening windows and/or running the overhead fan. Otherwise, you might be sitting on your couch in your pj’s, minding your own business, and suddenly think your house might be on fire.

3. Open windows on a day when the temperature is resting right around 20 degrees? Smart. Wicked smart.

4 Responses to “Sorry Lamby”

  1. Robyn Says:

    Er…sorry, Toni! Wanna come over and make a mess over here?

    I wish this had all happened yesterday to add on to the ridiculousness of the cat-food-eating, toilet-hand-washing, red-wine-spilling, lamb-in-oven-broiler-sparking, smoke-filled-kitchen day.

  2. HappyDash Says:

    Thanks Robyn. I had managed to block out the vision of seeing Dash surrounded by a puddle of what must surely have been blood, only to find out it he had dumped a full glass of very red wine all over the rug.
    p.s. the rug right now? amazing! you could have filmed a promo for Oxyclean at my house.

  3. rob Says:

    Here’s another useful tip (though not about cooking lamb).
    NEVER spray pepper spray in a room. My sister got one from a friend who thought she might need to protect herself. My sister, being naturally curious, sprayed it in her living room. She then went to get her laundry from the basement and when she came back in with her basket in her arms 10 minutes later she was overcome by the pepper spray and fell onto the floor (she was fine, just dazed).

    Sort of like spraying perfume and walking into it…

  4. HappyDash Says:

    Oh my god, Rob. Neil and I laughed out loud at this! Hilarious.