Go Wait By Your Mailbox…

Milkglass Snackset Giveaway at Happydashery

…Ismoyo! You’re the winner of the vintage milkglass plate and cup snack set giveaway from HappyDashery. Congratulations! Invite a friend over for some soup and a half a sandwich. Grilled cheese, I’m thinking. Enjoy it!

And thank you very much to all who entered the contest. I know I had fun and I decided to do it more often, so check back here again for more fun vintage goodies. I’m all about sharing the vintage love (especially on superbowl sunday when there’s not much else going on for me, though I hear others might be enjoy some kind of football contest).

Happy Sunday!

One Response to “Go Wait By Your Mailbox…”

  1. ismoyo Says:

    I feel so lucky! Thanks a bunch!
    They will be used and loved a whole lot.
    Still singing and dancing from joy!