Bestest Moments of Summer

Ok we’ve had some wiltingly (is that a word? no? too bad) hot weather around these parts lately and before I catch myself wishing for cooler weather, I feel like I should take a few minutes and honor this season which is ever so brief.

Bestest Moments of Summer :: 1.

Dash contemplates the other side of the ice cream menu

Post-ice cream, pre-sleep bonding

After the ice cream, after the cone

Long meandering walks after dinner that end up at our favorite neighborhood ice cream (gelato) joint. Dash isn’t quite sure he trusts ice cream yet (so cold and so not biteable!) but he can down the cone itself pretty darn fast. That, he gets.

One Response to “Bestest Moments of Summer”

  1. ismoyo Says:

    Cute and very happy looking pictures!
    I could use some icecream too. Don’t get me wrong, i don’t want summer to end, but i too could use some cooler weather. Maybe for one day and then return to summer sun?