Bestest Moments of Summer :: 3

Ok, well I planned this post for sometime early last week but we were blessed (?) with rain rain rain all week long and it literally put a damper on plans, blog and otherwise. Yuck. My garden is excessively happy though, making for some unusually large zucchinis. Pictures to come.

But for now, I’ll let the weather dictate this next bestest moment, which we’ll call, “dealing with what mother nature offers up.”

In between the rain showers, Dash learned the joys of keeping cool using just a garden hose and an old wash tub.

And on the rainy days, we find things to do indoors. Like trying on daddy’s mandolin for the first time and making surprisingly pretty music with it.

Looks like we have a beautiful sunny day ahead of us. Who knows what summer moment will come out of this one?

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