Hot Moms Rummage.

People, the beauty that is a rummage sale happened to me this weekend—twice over. Though “beauty” might not be the right word since it was still me and dozens of other bargain hunters jammed into a church basement looking at boxes of old stuff that may or may not have contained used electric razors and calendars from 1993. But Robyn and I went there to win, so we elbowed our way toward the good stuff.

By the way, a great time to have a baby on your person is when you need to get ahead in a crowd. No one is going to shove the lady with a baby in the Bjorn. Borrow one if you have to.

I didn’t have the patience for the boxes upon boxes of fabric, or maybe it was that Dash in the Bjorn made it difficult to bend over and rummage. I left that to Robyn and she came away with the coolest black and white fabric with a cops and robbers motif. I headed to housewares to score three pyrex dishes in three patterns (gold acorn, spring blossom 1, town and country). Also, I may have brought home some Holly Hobby Colorforms for no reason whatsoever. Total expense: Two dollars for a bag full of retro fun for my house (not for the shop this time!).

And if you should happen to see a documentary on “Hot Young Moms at Rummage Sales” could you let me know? I think I might be the unwitting star. I saw a few men with cameras while I was there but there were so many other people and I was so determined to find cool things before they did that I blocked them out completely. Robyn told me after that they were following me around somewhat obsessively and she overheard them telling someone they were filming a documentary. I know I was a bit crazed with bargain hunting but I think I’d remember signing a release. Just sayin’.

Rummage Sale Number 2 (Electric Boogaloo) was just like the first one except that there were no people, no stuff to rummage, and no one shooting priceless footage of “Hot Young Rummaging Moms: Watch Out For Your Pyrex!” Sadly, we missed out on day one of the sale and so, likely missed out on the goods. Overheard while we were shopping: “This is just what’s leftover.” But I did score a great old album called “folk western” for Dash. Songs like Rock Candy Mountain, Dixie, Lone Prairie, etc. Supercute illustration on the cover drew me in. He’s my little cowboy.

Little Feet on the Mountain

Sunday I made a giant list (as I’m wont to do) of things to get done during the day and then promptly ignored it and decided to head to Bradbury Mountain State Park for a short hike with the family. Apparently, everyone else in Maine had the same idea because they were all there with their walking sticks and seven children under 10. But it was beautiful and warm (in the 70s) and we managed to take a really good family photo. Finally!

Hope your weekends were splendid.

3 Responses to “Hot Moms Rummage.”

  1. jennifer anniston Says:

    How did people miss with that dartboard? I mean, really, it’s a big enough target, you’d have to try throwing an errant dart.

  2. HappyDash Says:

    You need to send me a picture of that dartboard so I can add it to this post. I like my finds but Robyn clearly got the find of the day.

  3. Robyn Says:

    Documentary aka “Yummy Mummy Rummage”?