Hey, I’m Working Here.

You may not have noticed, but for the past few days I’ve actually been working.
Like, for money. I’ve been full-time mommying for exactly nine months (happy birthday, dashy!) and have finally figured out how to juggle that along with some freelance. I know, I’m really really slow to catch on. One thing I totally figured out, though? Mommying doesn’t pay well.

So work on my desk means that I really need to not be blogging right now. I need to get to work on this book (which incidentally, is quite interesting. i typically work with fiction, but this one is all about how to raise a better family, go against the mainstream, be a better person, etc.).

I’ll leave you with this, which I am currently coveting:

Golden Opulence

My friend Cassie made this and it’s been getting some good press (Here and Here). The Golden Opulence bracelet is a limited edition run featuring vintage brass chains and a single nugget of Copper Rutile. Each bracelet will be unique since no two Rutile gems are ever the same. Get yours now, but leave one for me ok?

One Response to “Hey, I’m Working Here.”

  1. Clementine Cassie Says:

    Thanks for the shout-out, homey!

    I currently have a manuscript that’s burning a hole in my desk. It’s the *continued* memoirs of a 97-year-old man. Yeah, I’ll be putting that one off ’till the last possible minute.