Room Makeover: Not My Own

Feeling a little slow and lazy around here these days (read: 32lbs gained so far in this pregnancy = the need to sit down and do nothing for as long as possible- preferably with ice cream nearby) so not much to post about. Also, I really want to take a few pictures to share with you but it’s been dark and rainy for the last several days. Come on sun…

So while I sit around bemoaning my weight gain and to-do list, check out what Meg (who is not pregnant and clearly has a lot more energy than I do) did to her guest room/playroom. There’s a bit of charm to the matching wallpaper and drapes, but certainly not enough to keep it.

This is a really inspiring before and after. Almost as inspiring as the simple idea of the guest room/playroom combo. Not many of us have enough rooms in our homes to have both so it’s a no-brainer to combine where you can. This makes perfect sense and I will absolutely be copying it when we move to our new home in the spring. That’s ok, right?  I mean, at least I’m admitting it publicly.

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