Votin’ and Fightin’

So I just got my MacBook back after a week or so of having to use Neil’s laptop while he worked on something in Final Cut. Can I just tell you how much better Macs are or do you already know? I love this little white thing. Getting it back was so thrilling. It’s like coming home. It’s like a warm hug.

I’d better stop before I break out in “reunited and it feels so good….” Ooops, too late.

So we voted this morning. Neither of us could wait until late morning (when we agreed we’d go), we were way too excited, so we walked over after breakfast. It was (surprisingly) a pretty quick line and we were entertained by Dash, who was sharing his favorite political cheer with everyone in earshot. It goes like this:

US: Obama!
DASH: Biden.

US: Obama!
DASH: Biden.

I’m not sure it’s legal to be campaigning at the polls, but we had to stick that in there somehow. Besides, who would tell this little critter to stop talking?

And then we voted and signed a few petitions. A fist fight nearly broke out at the same sex marriage table, which I was all too happy to stick around for. This woman seemed hell-bent on making the woman behind the table admit that she herself was gay and that was why she was so interested in the topic. It was truly a very strange moment and none of the lines were moving as we all watched her make an ass of herself. It was really heartwarming to hear several people speak up in defense of the table woman (petition woman?) and to see the few people not in line (us included) sort of huddle around the table woman just in case she needed the support. I think the bitchy lady was just one of those people who can’t seem to say anything nice, or who opens conversations with negative thoughts instead of positive. She ended up saying that basically she thought the table woman was really brave, if she in fact wasn’t gay, to put herself out there for the cause.

It’s unfortunate, because overall she meant no harm, she just didn’t know how to say what she wanted to say and manage to be a pleasant person at the same time.

In summary, because I must wrap this up to take advantage of the fact that Dash is napping, Go Vote.

It’s fun, it feels good, and you just might get to see a fight!

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